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Dallas – President Jessica Ruvalcaba [email protected]

Dallas is a very diverse city. Nearly half (43%) of the city’s population is Latino, representing many countries from South and Central America. Dallas County is home to 2.5 million people, 40 percent of whom are Latinos

There is a high health disparity in Dallas, primarily in brown and black communities. There is high uninsured rate in Dallas County and high a high volume uninsured hospital discharges, particularly in Parkland. Of note, Dallas County has one of the highest uninsured rates among all urban counties in the nation—higher than both Harris County, Texas and Bexar County, Texas.


Provider and patient feedback from focus groups indicates there is a general lack of understanding of how to obtain/use health coverage, navigate the health system and adhere to treatment plans and provider instructions, which are often not culturally or linguistically accessible to the patient. There is an overall concern with the degree to which Dallas County residents, particularly racial and ethnic minorities and those living in southeast area of the County, have the capacity to obtain, communicate, process and understand information pertaining to health and health services.

Top Featured events in Dallas:

National HIV Testing Day take place on June 27th. In 2020, we had to abide by CDC guidelines in order to keep our patients and staff safe, however, we could not miss the opportunity to provide our community with education and resources!

All individuals who were tested received our cool swag and got the opportunity to enjoy a great performance!

Our Dallas LOUD Chapter not only provides resources on HIV, we also do advocacy in our community.

Every year we partner with local organizations to provide school supplies. This year we partnered up with ImmSchools, Pasos For Oak Cliff, Manuel Diaz Law Firm, and Harvest project to provide families with school supplies, dell tablets, shoes, produce and PPE.

As a part of our pillar, our LOUD chapter teamed up with several councilman and organizations in Dallas to provide information and education on the Census while also registering people to vote. Overall, we were able to impact 200+ individuals that day!

The Team

Jason Hardeman

Jessica Ruvalcaba [ President ]

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Jessica Ruvalcaba Bio: Jessica Ruvalcaba Is The President Of LOUD In Dallas And A Pharmacy Sales Representative For AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Ms. Ruvalcaba Has Been A Longtime Advocate For LGBTQ+ And The Latino Community Since 2009. She Has Organized And Led Multiple Campaigns To Bring Awareness To Underserve Communities.