Chapter Las Vegas

Las Vegas

LOUD Las Vegas is a diverse and passionate team with the interest of serving and contributing in a positive way to the Latino community of the city.
Pride of our people and their culture.
Empowerment of Latinos.
Comprehensive well-being based on respect and diversity.

Event 1: Covid detection tests and recognition of nurses from the test days as health heroines.

Event 2: Economic support program for the benefit of people in economic crisis due to the impact of covid19

Event 3: Mental Health online seminar in our language to address the problems and psychological impact of the pandemic in the Hispanic community of Las Vegas.


The Team

Jason Hardeman

Luis Aceves [ President ]

[email protected]

Luis Aceves, Proud Mexican. Passionate About Altruism, Spirituality, Communication And The Arts. Development Manager Of The R.E.A.C.H. In Las Vegas. Through His Work With The Community, They Resolve The Doubts And Needs Of The Hispanic Community In The State Of Nevada. Certified As A Social Worker, He Continues To Explore And Research The Best Way To Provide The Migrant Community With Dignified, High-Quality Health Care And Warmth. His Work In Communications In The Media Gives Him The Opportunity To Sow Positive Messages That Contribute Valuable Elements To The Mental And Integral Health Of Our People. "Live In The Present Is The Only Thing We Have"