Chapter San Diego

San Diego

According to the U.S. Census, 30.3% of the total populations in San Diego identified themselves as Latinos[1]. Yet, 20.3% of Latino Children live in Poverty[2]. Income security, access to food, and healthcare is one of the most significant disparities among Latino communities in San Diego. Loud understands the importance of closing the gaps through education, advocacy, and access to resources.

Last year has been proven to be one of the most difficult years for Latino communities. In San Diego County, Latin communities were disproportionally affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. According to the San Diego Chicano Federation, 63% of the Covid-19 infections were from Latino residents as well as 50% of the total deaths[3].

The problem affecting vulnerable sectors spread across border lines quickly. The out cried from help from our neighbor city of Tijuana Mexico was loud and clear. Loud understands the importance of responding to crisis and helping those that are forgotten by the system. Therefore, we responded by asking our San Diegan residents to help us with donations for our brother and sisters in Tijuana Mexico.

Since June of 2021 we have made over 39 trips to deliver food, clothes, shoes, blankets, diapers, personal hygiene supplies, school supplies, and first aid kits. Most of the items where donated by local families in San Diego. One of our proudest events was to deliver food, toys, and blankets on Christmas Eve.

This year we will continue to support our neighbor towns and we are hoping to provide much needed access to education and prevention to vulnerable sectors our society.

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