New York Chapter

About This Chapter

President – Isael Andrade
[email protected]

“The city that never sleeps.” New York is a melting pot of diverse religions, ethnicities and cultures. About 23 percent of New Yorkers are originally from other countries and states, you can hear as many as 800 languages spoken. This is also visible in many of the restaurants, restaurants like “la Casa De Mofongo” an energetic stop with Latin Americans eating in Washington Heights to “Atithi” a stylish restaurant with a gourmet Indian menu in Brooklyn. The fast pace, the buzzing traffic, the hustle of the people, the 24-hour life. The creativeness mixed with the compaction of New Yorkers, gives the city an abundance of energy that is incomparable to many other cities. Here at LOUD New York, we have a large number of dedicated, empathetic and strong opinionated volunteers from all over the city and try state area, who are Latino mix, who are driven to make change in their community. Our volunteers are very good at working under pressure as well as putting the pressure when needed, they are very good at supporting spontaneous or last minute events, But all-ways ready to organize events, even showing up to support each other’s personal growth in what they are trying to achieve. You’ll see support from all corners of the city including but not limited to a specific race, ethnicity or gender. As LOUD NY, we will continue to support the growth of all our Latino, Latinx communities statewide. We also collaborate with AHF as we are the Latino affinity group of this organization and partner with AHF affiliates in NY such as ACQC and IRIS House. We also welcome more organizations to work with us.