Median Household income

In Miami-Dade County, 24.84% of people are severely cost-burdened, meaning they pay more than 50% of their annual income on housing. These families have less expendable income for healthy food, transportation, preventative healthcare, childcare, tutoring, higher education, museums, professional development, investing in small business, etc. In Miami-Dade County, 49.57% of housing units have one or more substandard conditions (lacking complete plumbing facilities, lacking complete kitchen facilities, with more than 1 occupant per room, and housing cost burden among renters and owners). In order to afford the average-priced 2-bedroom home in Miami-Dade County, a person would have to work 58.90 hours per week at average wage. In Miami-Dade County, there are 107.39 home purchase loan originations per 100,000 population. Of the total number of home purchase loan originations, 70.64% were for Latinos compared to 21.55% for non-Latino Whites, and 12.12% were for under $120,000 compared to 58.29% for over $200,000.