Puerto Rico Chapter

About This Chapter

The island with 3.5 million US citizens, all of us identify ourselves as Latinos, this beautiful Island with so much to offer, has suffer tremendously in the last three years. Starting with Huracan Maria that affected us geographically, economically and socially.

Puerto Rico still recovering from Huracan Maria and the lack of government management add to this the economy crisis, plus earthquakes that took place last year and the covid-19 pandemic, but Puerto Rico still strong its people have shown the real meaning of resilience.

We are so much rich sharing our love, our passion in helping each other. This Island needs so much of Organizations as LOUD and here we are to better serve our very in need communities with support of well-organized and successful organizations as Aids Healthcare Foundation.


We as LOUD chapter in Puerto Rico are focusing our efforts but not limiting them to:

  • Fight the HIV Stigma.
  • Lack of access to quality healthcare services.
  • Violence that directly affect LGBTQI+ communities.
  • Covid-19 vaccination.

In the last three years we have had events that we are proud to be with the community. We have done activations to spread awareness about HIV testing.

We have sponsored the San Juan Gay Pride, after the earthquakes in Collaboration with Nativas Iniciative we distributed first AID bags to be prepare in case of earthquakes.

We have sponsored the first virtual Drag Talent Show streamed on Social Media, created by Kriss Du Cecile and a great tool to show inclusion and how much talent is in our LGBTQI+ community.

And looking forward to engaging with other community organization and collaborate with them to fulfil our pillars educate, motivate and advocate.

The Team

Angel Macia

[ President ]

[email protected]

Andres Vasquez

[ Vice President ]

[email protected]